Friday, December 15

Voluntary Health Insurance

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The object of the voluntary medical insurance are the insured property interests associated with the costs of providing him medical and other assistance in the event of accident.

The insurance will not be accepted citizens, registered in the drug, neuropsychiatry, tuberculosis, cancer, STI clinics (about sexually transmitted diseases), centers for the prevention and treatment of AIDS and HIV infection, disabled groups I and II.

The advantages of this type of life insurance can be seen with the naked eye: the client has an insurance company there are always means of livelihood.  

The insured event is:-

• treatment of the insured during the term of the insurance contract to a medical facility from those provided by the Treaty for obtaining health insurance (medical, diagnostic, counseling, rehabilitation and recovery, wellness, preventive care, including immuno profilaktikticheskoy, etc.) and other (including health social) assistance in accordance with the terms of the insurance contract and insurance program and the resulting emergence of obligations of the insurer to pay medical and other services;

• treatment of the Insured for obtaining medical care during the term of the Contract of Insurance in accordance with the insurance program to other medical facilities, exclusive of insurance contract, if the appeal agreed and / or arranged by the Insurer.


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