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Civil Liability Insurance of Legal Entities And Individuals

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Liability extends only to cases of damage that occurred in the area (in a particular room) and within the time stipulated in the contract of insurance.

Insurance does not cover liability arising from:-

• Ownership of motor vehicles;

• Traffic and transportation;

• Occupational 3astrahovannogo person

• Financial obligations.

Insured event is established civil law obligation of the Insured to pay damages caused to them by third parties in the period of the contract and expressed in causing harm to life, health or property of third persons as a result of action (bites, attacks), pets, or arising from the operation of industrial and residential funds, or in close proximity (50 meters) of them in a fire due to use of electric lighting or electric and gazonagrevatelnymi instruments, effects fire, gas explosion, action of water as a result of plumbing, heating or sewerage network, mechanical damage.

Insurance protection applies exclusively to insurance events occurring within the term of the insurance contract.

For insurance is accepted civil responsibility of individuals, containing the following animals:

• Dogs of various breeds, registered veterinary institutions and have the appropriate immunizations;

• Animals belonging to the urban environment to the category of exotic, registered veterinary institutions and have appropriate vaccinations: small monkey species (chimpanzees, macaques, etc.), cat breed in the age of 1 year (lynx, panthers, leopards, cheetahs, tigers, etc .), etc.;

• Cattle, sheep and goats at the age of 6 months, the horses at the age of 1 year.

Insurance Coverage does not apply to:-

• Any claim for damages in excess amount determined by a judicial authority (within the limits stipulated by the contract limit of liability);

• Claims for harm caused outside the territory of Insurance, established in the insurance contract;

• Liability arising from intentional acts of the Insured to injury. However, the insurer is not exempt from the payment of insurance compensation for damage to life or health of third parties, if the damage caused by the fault of the Insured (Art. 963 Civil Code);

• Any claims for damage caused by the impact of a nuclear explosion, radiation or radioactive contamination, war, maneuvers or other military activities, civil war, civil unrest of any kind, strikes, and the actions and orders of public authorities;

• Claims for damage caused by not removing the Insured during the period agreed with the insurer of circumstances that increase the risk, the need to address that pointed insured to the insurer;

• Harm to family members of the Insured, a natural person or persons insured, a legal entity, as well as property entrusted to it or held in its use;

• Following Animals:

• Categorized as exotic, but not registered in the veterinary facility, and do not have appropriate vaccinations;

• categorized as exotic, over 1 year;

• Sick animals, and who at a recent study on Brucellosis, tuberculosis, leukemia, Positive reaction;

• Imported from areas where quarantine is set to contagious disease that did not pass special treatment in the veterinary office (except for animals not susceptible to the disease).


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