Thursday, December 14

Insurance Against Theft of The Vehicle, Purchased on Credit

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This condition is placing all of the banks involved in car loans. This implies that the occurrence of insured event until full repayment of the loan, all payments will receive a bank. In contrast, when seeking the services of credit Pawnshop Moscow Car insurance also is compulsory, but in case of theft of insurance premiums gets owner of the vehicle. Choose one or the other case, you can go, depending on the position in which found themselves.

Insurance companies say that in the past year increased the number of stolen cars purchased on credit. Of the total pledged in search of vehicles make up almost half of the credit cars. This trend is not very rosy, as many motorists have lost their cars. The reason for the growth of this phenomenon is insolvent borrowers who fraudulently solve their problems. Many borrowers have been unable to pay the car loan because of job loss in the burst of the economic crisis. According to the forecasts of this type of crime in the future will only increase. It is worth noting also that recourse to the Pawnshop on passing cars on bail has also increased. It is caused by the same crisis, but then the conditions a little tougher. Since not every Pawnshop will take bail auto loan.

Insuring a car bought on credit you can buy a package AUTOCASCO, which means insurance is almost everything. However, one should take into account the fact that insurers do not like to pay money in case of theft and put a number of stringent requirements concerning the installation of the vehicle anti-theft systems or alarm systems. When you purchase an expensive car on credit, which is popular in Theft Auto have to install expensive satellite-based security systems.

Of course, tips from theft and credit can be given any number, but the slightest slip, and the car owner may be left without money and without his car. Therefore, it is desirable to observe simple safety rules that will be relevant not only to new cars bought on credit, but for the already pokolesivshih roads of Russia and CIS countries.


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