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Have You Got The Right Keyless Door Lock Batteries

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Most modern day cars are designed with a keyless entry system as this enhances the safety of the vehicle. Your vehicle is less likely to be stolen if it has a keyless entry system. You will find several various kinds of keyless entry systems which use different kinds of battery power. As in other gadgets keyless door lock batteries and systems are also available in several different brands.

Keyless door lock batteries are manufactured for a few particular manufacturers and some of the well known companies are EveryReady, Intellis, Panic Door and Room Safe. When you want to buy or order replacement batteries it is vital to check the brand of your keyless door lock system so that you get the right batteries.

Door lock batteries come in many different varieties according to the system. Most of the batteries are alkaline which is a common base for battery. NiMH or NiCD is also a variety of door lock batteries. They are metal based batteries which are more efficient and powerful as compared to the alkaline door locked batteries. If you are looking for even more potent kind of battery then you should go for the Lithium Ion door lock batteries which are relatively new in the market. Li-Ion batteries can last almost ten times more than the nickel and alkaline batteries. Typically the latest keyless door lock system models are fitted with the new Li-Ion batteries.

In most cases the keyless door lock batteries are not very costly and you may have to pay a maximum amount of $20. Sometimes the complete unit has to be replaced if there is an electrical failure or problem. It is true that a few keyless door lock remotes are comparatively cheaper but there are some which can cost more than $100. You must consider the cost of the remote when you buy a keyless door lock system.

Keyless door lock systems are very advantageous for all vehicle owners. You can get insurance benefit also if the system is linked to additional features like the battery shut off. The car will not start with the battery shut off feature unless the keyless door lock remote is used to unlock it. You get one more excellent feature when you buy a keyless door lock system which is the remote start. This will enable you to turn on the engine even if you don’t put the keys in the start key. You won’t have to go out to warm the car with this feature on a cold day. 


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