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Tourist Pays Twice. If it is Properly Insured

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Most of the tourists, leaving a long (sometimes very insecure) countries rely on the Russian “maybe” and settle for a standard insurance policy, which is included in the tour package. It costs about $ 1 per day, covers the cost of only $ 15 thousand, providing free, as a rule, only emergency medical care (and even then not in all cases), in extreme cases – to return to their homeland.

That is to rely on such insurance can be used only when the count on the continuation of the rest are practically useless. Problems with burns, cuts, dental pain, exacerbation of chronic diseases, pregnancy, usually have to decide at their own expense. In the same way as the problems with lost baggage and documents. It turns out that such insurance as is, and like her or not. After all, the really serious injuries are rare, but small things can spoil the holiday – very often.

So I brushed off standard insurance option. I needed to Hippocratic Oath to work even in harsh conditions of the capitalist market holiday and the doctor could not only determine where and what someone hurts, but treatable. In addition, the insurance company would take responsibility for airlines, stevedores, truck drivers, thieves and generally for all possible trouble. After a self-conducted survey revealed that the ideal, in my view, travel insurance must contain a guarantee of payment for the following costs:-

• To emergency medical care (including the exacerbation of chronic diseases and acute dental pain). These cases do not include routine checkups, tests and consultations. During pregnancy only pay for the treatment of sudden illnesses;

• The medicines prescribed by a doctor’s prescription;

• The use of medical equipment;

• In medical transportation;

• Transfer, urgent negotiations with the service center and for providing medical information in connection with the insured event;
• On an urgent visit to a third person in an emergency;

• The transportation of the remains in case of death (God forbid, of course!)

• Evacuation of children;

• For legal services;

• Costs associated with the loss or theft of documents;

• Costs associated with the unexpected return of the Russian Federation;

• Costs associated with travel delay;

• Costs associated with lost or delayed luggage;

• Costs associated with the loss of or damage to the vehicle;

• Costs associated with the inability to make a scheduled trip abroad (including by reason of illness of relatives).

In addition, the ideal insurance must provide a free consultation or the doctor on duty Service Company abroad, or to pay first visit to the doctor, who at least identify that with you, regardless of whether the insurance company pay for your treatment in the future.

A separate theme – extreme tourism. Same dive, which is so sweet, dreams in a dusty industrial town and in a stuffy office. Typically, travel companies, offering active recreation (diving, surfing, skiing, safari, etc.) themselves require travel insurance under a special program. But if not, then care for the extremely must be the handiwork of the extremely (that he was not left entirely without arms). Note that the choice of the “extreme” insurance costs is of great importance for medical equipment. The fact that the treatment of, for example, bold divers (and as you know, divers can be either bold or old – old bold divers does not exist) to specific hardware. Try asking in advance whether the insurance provision of such medical equipment.

Aphorism of Divers:

If, after dipping joints start to hurt – it’s time to remember insurance

How Much to Pay

The cost of my ideal coverage differed little from the price of standard offer. In fact, all largely dependent on the sum insured, i.e. on how much you can expect if happen. When insurance of $ 15 thousand cost of the policy ranged from $ 0.3 to $ 1.1 for one day of rest (depending on the duration and the host country). In the presence of chronic diseases better insured for more – $ 30 thousand cost of such a policy – from $ 0.5 to $ 3 per day, again depending on the term and the resort. Those who rate their health in the $ 50 thousand and above, the policy will cost $ 05.01 for one day calmly and confidently rest. Adrenalin insurance will cost $ 2-4 a day of extreme pleasure. That is the extra charge for “sport risks” increases the price of a standard insurance at 2-4. It usually does not matter who comes to set new records: veteran extremes. The difference in price impact, the same factors: the insured amount and term of stay.

Whom to Pay

Large travel companies tend to co-operate with the same large insurance companies and offer in its package of sufficient quality insurance. If the tourism and the insurance company you have listed an impressive list of services, which documented, the “hedging” insurance is optional. If the travel agency did not really know what they take money, and the list of services that you have dictated, you are absolutely not satisfied; you should contact the insurance company and purchase insurance directly from them.

True, there may arise the issue of excluding the cost of the policy of price (to avoid paying twice.) As explained to us in a travel agency: “We sell a package of services at once. In principle, you can deduct the cost of insurance from the tour, but then everything else – tickets, hotel reservation, airport transfer – will be sold as separate services, and ultimately be much more expensive. “Typically such arguments can be heard when it comes to thrifty tours in Turkey or Bulgaria. In this case it is necessary or duplicate insurance or looking for travel agency that agrees to deduct insurance from the list of services without additional. By the way, with tours in Europe generally, everything is easier – there is an exception of insurance vouchers, as a rule, does not affect the price of its other components.

When Pay

Another important point – when and who should pay the money if something happens. So, if you are able to keep the handset at your fingertips Room service center phone company (and it should always be at hand!), and you remember who you are, first of all, you need to call the service center. You know in advance whether he clock, if available in the area where you are going, if there is a Russian-speaking staff or need to call to Russia, and then you will pay negotiations. When you get called to the center, we can assume that most of the problems is removed. Service center or send their car, or provide transportation to the hospital (there they are, costs in the action). Further, all payments will conduct itself an insurance company.

If the call you are unable to, but do you have with them the policy, a hospital can independently connect with insurers and solve the problem. The variant, when the costs you pay on the spot. But first call the service center and get a confirmation that you compensate for the costs incurred in returning. Under such arrangements, refunds can take just half an hour.

Well, it so happened that no policy, no phone, no head on the shoulders of you with me there is only a problem. Have to solve it for cash. Gather all the documents and receipts to prove your insurance case. Issues of compensation of your expenses will have to decide on his arrival home. And it will take longer than half an hour, as insurance fraud has not been canceled yet.

If it is proven that you are receiving routine medical care that you were drunk or stoned, then no refund will not be seen. Not reimburse you have suffered, and if it was a suicide attempt or you are involved “in civil disturbances, riots or wars.”

Always Pay?

Not always you can offset the costs and if a contract includes a deductible. Deductible – it is a curious condition in the contract; a certain amount (usually ranges from $ 30 to $ 50). If the cost of services does not exceed the size of this franchise, then you have to pay for it yourself. If the costs exceed the amount stipulated in the contract, the costs are paid entirely by the insurance company. The potential benefit of a franchise is that it generally reduces the cost of the policy. So if you are willing to cover in which case its small self-insurance costs, the deductible – for you. If you prefer a full refund, you must ensure that the contract did not appear franchise.


If you plan to devote extreme sports are not all holidays, but only part of it, please check with your insurance date of increased risk and insure them to the maximum. The rest stay can be insured by the usual tourist fare that will allow you to reduce costs

Anecdote in the Topic:-

The accident on the road. Flaming wrecked car near the driver is wounded. Suitable pedestrian sympathy leans to the driver:

– Excuse me, but the ambulance had already been?
– No.
– A “insurance”?
– No.
– Then I can lie down next to you?


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