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Insurance on His Own Recognizance

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But sometimes, unfortunately, the roads that we choose are not always choose us. And the tour may fail at the last moment. Reasons for this vary: the tourist can greatly fall ill, or in his family had an accident, say, the death of a close relative or consulate of the country, where he was preparing to leave, just denied a tourist visa. Indeed, it is not immune from a similar one. Can happen anything. But what will happen to the ticket to? Is the money spent to purchase the tour, lost, and ask them who will not.

Fortunately, there is the possibility of losing their savings in the event of force majored. Now, many insurance companies and travel agents say that tourists have become more and more frequently arrange insurance on his own recognizance. In fact, it has become more in demand and mostly in cases when a person leaves a “visa countries”. Who ever got the visa, knows that her extradition may be refused at any time without explanation: the consulate may find fault with paperwork, or may find that a tourist wants to stay in their country illegally, the reason may be weight. The result is – a vacationer stays at home.

Many travel companies include insurance on his own recognizance in the total number of compulsory insurance, for example, such as health insurance. But some consulates, in turn, require that insurance in a set of documents for the visa.

Each insurance company offers its own insurance program, with orientation to cover the most common risks. However, they will necessarily include:-

– Death of a relative of the insured or

– Hospitalization of the insured or a relative

– Refusal of a visa

– Summons

– Recruitment

– PE in the house or apartment insured – fire, robbery, etc.

– The presence of medical contraindications for compulsory preventive vaccination, if such is required for entry into the country of sojourn.

Typically, the insurance contract on his own recognizance is not less than two weeks before departure. If the traveler can not make the trip to the above reasons, the insurance company will reimburse him the cost of the tour. Well, if he simply changed his mind, then no payment for the insurance he had not seen. However, we note that insurance on his own recognizance rather expensive, as a rule, the cost is 4-10% of the price of the tour. But sometimes tricky travel agencies are not included in the list of risks refusal of a visa, it is, among other things, the most likely cause of failure of travel. In this case, the insurance rate is reduced to one or one and a half per cent.

Of course, the insurance on his own recognizance – a very convenient service. And even sure many will come to the conclusion that it is better to overpay a bit for the tour than to permanently lose money cast travel agency, did not get what you want. But despite this, it is believed that the best insurance – is the one that did not have the opportunity to take advantage.


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