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Do You Wonder If Lcd Or Plasma Which Is Better

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Most of us wish for a new television and there is no one who doesn’t want a spanking new 50” flat screen Plasma TV decorating the wall of their living room. Televisions companies are making the best use of the evolving technology by developing scientific wonders which offer sharp images and realistic colors in only few inches depth. On the other hand with the modern technology you will find buying a TV much more difficult. Nowadays the fight between LCD and plasma is going on in full swing and it is hard to pick sides. You may wonder which is the right one for you.

Why should one purchase a plasma TV?

Plasma TV’s offers a wide angle of viewing which suggests that everyone in the room sees the same quality of picture on the TV. The quality of picture decreases as you change angles in an LCD. Plasma TV is a better bet if you want to mount the TV on the wall as you will get clear picture. Plasma TV’s come with deep black level and high contrast and this can be seen more in dark scenes. Plasma TV’s are cheaper than LCD’s and it is budget friendly.

Why should one purchase an LCD?

LCD TV is a good option if you want to reduce your electricity bill. The saving is only a few dollars monthly but can be substantial in the long run. LCD TV is also a greener option. LCD is also a great option if you are an enthusiastic video gamer as static images such as the countdown timer as score box do not move. In plasma TV, static images often burn into the screen which is not a problem with LCD. LCD’s are also more suitable for bright rooms as the screen reflects less than a plasma TV.  

There is no clear winner between LCD and plasma and you can buy the TV which suits your requirements best. There are some important points you need to remember before buying. To begin with ensure that the size of the TV matches the size of your room. The TV should never be bigger than the room. You must also look around and compare the prices of plasma as well as LCD TV’s. The cost is going down all the time and you may find a bargain by doing comparison shopping. In case you are not very savvy technically, employ a professional to fix the electrical components. 


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