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African Hunting on a Budget

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African Hunting on a Budget

Many people including myself always felt that going to the Dark Continent was a trip beyond our means and was only a dream. It was something to read about but not be able to participate in unless you have some long green which many of us don’t. Now almost anyone can afford a trip to South Africa with a little planning and saving.

Well I started communicating with an outfit in Africa who puts that myth to rest once and for all. For full information you can go to to answer your questions. They can also be reached @ 718-810-2466 which is their US number. The people who run it are very helpful and nice to deal with. They came over to the US to drum up some business and I got to spend a couple of days with them at a gunshow in Phoenix. I was amazed at how inexpensive and flexible their hunts are. You can go for 7 days, hunt 6 animals for slightly under 3 grand. Of course air fare and taxidermy services are extra. You can have the taxidermy done over there and shipped back to you or have the heads flown here for the work. You can’t bring back the meat due to various laws and logistics but it doesn’t go to waste. You will have an opportunity to sample it however and the rest will be put to good use. You will have to have a passport and a permit to bring your gun in South Africa. They will send you all the legal paperwork that you will need. Considering that an elk hunt can cost from 5 grand on up this African trip is a bargain. You can only harvest 1 elk a season, if you are lucky, compared to multiple animals available in Africa. The climate isn’t bad either which is another plus. The animals available in these packages are plains game such as Impala and Blesbuck among others.You can also harvest Kudu, Warthog, Black Wildebeest, and Springbuck. You can hunt other animals and have an extended stay as well. Fishing and photo safaris are also available for the non hunter. These guys are very flexible in their hunting packages and one can be designed to suit your needs and budget. It doesn’t get any better then that. Another thing that impresses me about them is they answer their e-mail in a prompt manner which is important to me. I don’t deal with people who don’t have the courtesy to reply to an inquiry or question. Sometimes it might take a day or so and that’s because they are on a hunt with a client but they will get back with you. They can also work with handicapped hunters which is very important to me as I am partially in that situation. Anytime you plan on hunting with any outfitter it’s a good idea to let them know in advance if there are any special situations such as diet or mobility issues that way they can plan for that. If they are unable to accommodate you it’s better to know ahead of time instead of upon arrival. You need to know who does what in regards to lodging, food, game care and weapons choices and other questions that may arise. If they don’t answer all of your questions you might want to look elsewhere. You can also check their references before you write a check. Most outfitters are ethical and will give you a good hunt but like everything in life there are a few stinkers.

As I said I spent two day with these folks and there is no doubt in my mind that they are ethical business men and true hunters. They will work hard to make sure you have an enjoyable and productive hunt. I picked their brain on various animals and what to expect and I learned a lot just by listening to them. Between them they have years of experience guiding hunters. Lodging, food and game care are included in their packages. For a once in a lifetime hunt you want to go with the best and as far as I am concerned these are the guys to hunt with. Tom, Peter, Dirk or Frans can answer your inquiries.

Yes I am getting my passport and as soon as I get it I am setting a date to go. If you hunt the animals listed in the various packages you can take anything from a 270 on up but you don’t need a huge magnum rifle just good ammo and shot placement. I will probably take a 30-06 or something similar. I would suggest plenty of practice as the ranges can be from 50 to about 300 yards depending on what you are hunting and the terrain. Other calibers such as the 7mm magnum, 300 magnum, 280 and similar calibers will work for you on this type of hunt. You can hunt other game such as lion or buffalo but it will cost a lot more but they can accommodate you on this hunt also.

When you consider a Brown bear hunt in Alaska can cost in excess of 10 grand and you only get one animal if you connect it’s not hard to see a bargain when you see one. Yes I would love to hunt a large bear but unless I hit a lottery it will never happen.Even a mule deer hunt might cost you 3 or 4 grand so when you shop around, this African excursion is really looking like a bargain.


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