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How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast Home Remedies

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Millions of people are concerned about this problem. Pimples ruin the life and girls and boys. Deny appeal and create a feeling of revulsion, literally forced to suffer particularly sensitive to their appearance. Let’s just make a reservation that today we will not discuss acne – a severe form of acne, which must be treated with medication, under medical supervision. Today there will be about the pimples that appear from time to time on the skin of each of us.

The Cause of Acne

During puberty the body begins to produce more hormones. Under the influence of hormones increases the activity of the sebaceous glands. Sebum clogs the pores and there is a tube – come do. Because of come dunes sebum can not be displayed on the surface of the skin, but fat production continues unabated. As a result, corked the follicle (the so-called “root” of hair, or hair follicle) are beginning to grow bacteria. Vital activity of bacteria causes inflammation and even ruptures of the follicle. To win the inflammation in the rush to fight white blood cells. They devour the harmful bacteria and products of their work, but it killed them, forming pus.

It happens that skin problems nest is much deeper than simply an inflammation of the skin. Acne can occur due to an imbalance in the gut. So, starting to struggle with acne, especially, should adjust your diet. Sweet and fat should be limited, but best not to exclude at least a couple of weeks. Coffee and black tea should be replaced by green tea and natural juices. Understand that not everyone can afford to buy fresh fruit juices, but because the juice can “get” and in the home of what is always at hand – carrots, beets, cabbage. Vegetable juices are insanely useful; they contain a mass of essential vitamins. Imbalance in the intestine can be eliminated with the help of dairy products – half a cup of yogurt in the morning will make the intestines work properly. To quickly establish the intestine can even drink away bifid bacteria course or Linex. And he and other drug contains bifid bacteria, necessary for the proper functioning of the intestines. In the food should avoid foods containing large amounts of fiber – fruits (fresh and dried), vegetables and cereals. Do not forget about meat, but it should be low fat – chicken, rabbit or turkey suit.

Getting rid of Acne

Removing, ruthlessly squeezing pimples, we are hurting the skin. Admit that not every one of you, intending to remove the festering acne, wash your face, hands, rubs his acne alcohol, and only then begins to extrude it. Guess? Squeezing blackheads with dirty hands, you risk an infection that can lead to very serious consequences, up to blood poisoning and death. Ugh, scary … Thus, existing, ripe – with the white head, painless to the touch, we gently remove acne clean pens. And a good alcohol goodbye to any nasty bacteria there is no longer a fetus. Now we need to prevent new pimples.
That they did not appear, the skin will take care of. To choose the right tool for the facial skin care, above all, define what your skin type. Dry, oily or combination (oily on the forehead and dry on the cheeks). For every skin type has its own range of care. It’s all very individual, everyone chooses what’s best work, we need only follow the simple rule: any type of skin in need of cleansing, moisturizing, and nutrition.

Skin Care

Cleaning the skin may be different means. Someone washes the soap, as my mother taught, and the more advanced girls go to the drugstore and buy a special tool to cleanse the skin. Of course, these tools cost money, sometimes considerable, but the effect of their use will be evident. Transferring funds, which has tried in its “skin”? Thus, skin cleanser come active, cleans the pores and not desiccates the skin. Cleansing Gel firm Garnier (Garnier) nice clean and even refreshing. Cosmetics Vichy, lotion for problem skin clears and moisturizes at the same time.

What to choose and what means will approach you recommend learning from the articles “Skin care (advice for women) “And” Skin Care (tips for men).

How to Prevent Acne

Here are some recipes that will help to maintain normal skin and prevent acne. Only need to use them regularly and for long periods. One to two times any effect will not reach, that’s for sure.

Recipe 1: Start your morning with a cup of cold water. Drink on an empty stomach to wash the body of accumulated toxins per night. Will raise its tone, but it will be easier to wake up.

Recipe 2: In the water wash to add a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Such a mixture nourishes the skin. But beware; the solution must be very weak to retain moisture.

Recipe 3: In the morning you can wipe his face with ice. You can buy special molds for cosmetic ice or use conventional molds, which are in any refrigerator. Ice can take an ordinary, but it is better to freeze broth and chamomile. While wiping the ice cube is better wrapped in a clean cloth – so you do not burn the skin and do not catch cold. Wipe the face is not pressing, but rather quickly.

Recipe 4: A variety of masks for the skin to help reduce inflammation and maintain skin health. Here are some recipes of masks. Tomatoes or cucumbers cut into slices (cut thinly!) And put on face for 10-15minutes. Grated carrots mixed with cheese, hold the face for 10 minutes, and rinse with warm water. Brew oatmeal with boiling water, cool and apply on face.
If you follow these recommendations for a long (not less than six months) of time, you’ll probably be able to overcome these hateful pimples and look healthy and happy. Good luck!


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