Monday, December 18

Remedies To Get Rid of Dandruff

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My problem – dandruff. What I just did not enjoy: and folk remedies, shampoos and popular brands. I’m a brunette, but the problem spoils my image. What can I do?

I would advise to start with very simple measures. Regularly wash your hair – so it will be easier to control the problem. Choice of shampoo – an important point. Recommended tools with the addition of tar.

Lathered head, do not rinse the product immediately, leave the shampoo on your hair and scalp – let him produce therapeutic effects. Use tar means no more than 2-3 times per week, alternate them with regular mild shampoo.

Do not forget the hair balm; it mitigates the effect of shampoo. Effective head massage. Make it as dry and the wet skin.

There is a misconception that dandruff is caused by dry scalp. In fact it is due to an oily scalp. Wrong dietary habits like excessive consumption of cheese and chocolates also cause oil to accumulate on the scalp and cause dandruff.

Onion is Natural Dandruff solution

Grind raw onions to fine paste. Rub this paste into your scalp. Leave it on for an half hour. Wash thoroughly. Rub in some lemon juice into your scalp and hair to rid your self of the onion smell.This will helps to get rid of dandruff. 

Wash your Hair normally, then pour vinegar carefully onto hair and scrub into your scalp, taking care not to let any get into your eyes. If you have psoriasis or any unhealed scratch or scab, it will burn. (If it burns, just rinse the affected area with water or, if you’re like me, see how long you can stand it).


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