Tuesday, December 12

Make Expressive Eyes

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No man can stand in front of women’s expressive eyes. To make them so we can help the arrow.

World makeup so passionate about them, that flight of fancy is surprising, from the classical to the incredibly thin wide.

 Sexy Look

To make the almond-shaped eyes, you should select an external corner. With a pencil draw arrows from the middle of the upper eyelid to the outer corner of the eye, gradually making it thicker. Then procreate upper and lower lashes with a thin layer of mascara. Cilia in the outer corner procreate in several layers. As a result, you get a mysterious look.

 Doll’s Eye

Highlight the shadows center of the upper eyelid and gently blend to the corners of his eyes. Then spend a thin arrow across the lash line and extend the line at mid-century. This method of visually enhance and round eyes. Furthermore, it should apply mascara on all eyelashes. The second and third layers to put on eyelashes are located in the center of the upper eyelid.
Look of Surprise

He goes to owners of wide-set eyes. In this case, hold the arrow around the ciliary’s margin, only in reverse, wide at the inner corner of the eyes and tapering to the outside. There’s a wide part of the arrow de paint eyelashes mascara is thicker than the outer edge.

However, if you have small eyes and heavy lids, then better not to apply mascara in several layers. It is better to take the dark shadows and highlight the inner corner of eye with them.


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