Thursday, December 14

Natural Beauty Tips For Fashionable And Stylish You

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Believing in one and being confident that you are stunningly beautiful, that is natural beauty. Nothing is ever beautiful for a woman who exudes confidence in herself.

  • Healthy living with good habits is one path to raise natural beauty.

  • To look naturally, even the tone and clear up your skin by applying products such as Shea butter for even skin tone and by adding green vegetables and fruit to your diet. This is very good beginning not just to look beautiful but this will pose no place for you to apply make-ups on your face. Also, try to make it a habit in the morning to exfoliate your skin; use cleanser during nighttime and use moisturize your face after washing.

  • Make your hair healthier and prettier by not getting highlights, natural hair and color texture is great to look at. Usage of shampoo and conditioner should be done in regular intervals and choose the quality that suits your hair type.

  • Hygiene should be maintained by washing your face and hair, follow skin routine, use deodorant and body spray or perfume to keep you smell good.

  • Brushing teeth twice everyday is also recommended by dentists to maintain white and nice teeth. Take a dental floss or natural floss will do in order to prevent plaque and bad breath. No one ever likes bad smelling breath. To whiten your skin, you may use Crest Whitestrips. This will give an effect of a whole new look when you smile after using it in two weeks.

  • Keep you make light and simple, do not wear it apparently unless you need to do so. Simple make-up only needs a good tinted moisturizer, lip-gloss, and bit of rosy blush-on altogether constitutes natural beauty demands.

  • Begin shaping your body by getting routinely exercises like walking or jogging with friends after a whole day’s work three times in a week. You do not need to go to gm or enroll yourself in any vigorous workout. Just choose those that are simple and those do not consume a lot of your time.

  • Get adequate rest by catching some Z’s 7-8 hours every day. This is truly a recharge of your body in mind away from those stressful work and hustles of busy world.

Charge up your creativity in fashion and style so you can be stunning everyday.


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