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Buying a Digital Camera – Features to Look For When Selecting a New Digital Camera

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If you want to get yourself a new point-and-shoot digital camera, then this is the article you should read. In this article I am going to first look at the key features of the majority of digital cameras, then the additional features you might want to look out for. Then finally, we will take a look at the main digital camera manufacturers on the market today.

Main Features of a Camera

Of course, all cameras have their own unique set of features, but there are some fundamental features that a modern digital camera cannot possibly be without, for instance:

LCD Screen: You can view your photos once you have taken them.
Various Auto Modes: Makes it easy to quickly take photographs using roughly the correct exposure settings for the particular situation.
Optical Zoom: Enables you to get close to the object.
Image Stabilizer: Many cameras these days have this feature, which helps make your images sharper when your hand is a bit shaky.

Extra Features of a Camera

In addition to the main features listed above, here are some extra features that you may want to look out for:

Intelligent Automation: As well as the various automatic modes described in the previous section, some cameras now have the ability to actually automatically select the appropriate scene setting for you.
Intelligent Portrait Setting: This is a feature of some Nikon cameras, which can detect faces and even automatically open the shutter whenever someone smiles.
Automatic Panorama: Quickly create wide panoramic views within the camera by taking multiple photos and then letting it automatically stitch them together.
Facial Retouch: Some higher end cameras have the ability to make certain edits within the camera, such as smoothing the skin or removing blemishes.
Built-in GPS Navigation: Find ideal shooting locations quickly and easily.

The Key Makes and their Camera Ranges

Canon: $89-$900. Number 1 camera company, with an incredibly big assortment of cameras (almost 400 of them) to suit all budgets and requirements.
Olympus: $73-$1,049. Like Canon, another top digital camera brand with a wide range of cameras available (over 350 of them).
Sony: $80-$700. Like Olympus, there are over 350 products available here for a wide range of budgets and requirements.
Nikon: $75-700. Again, as with Sony, more than 350 digital cameras with a wide range of prices.
Kodak: $60-$450. Over 300 digital cameras, covering everything from simple slim point-and-shoots up to more sophisticated fully-featured cameras with full-size lenses.
Panasonic: $89-$586. Just like Kodak, a large number of cameras covering a wide range.
Fuji: $80-$1,000. This brand is also good, and has a large number of digital cameras.
Samsung: $80-$850. Again, another decent brand with cameras to suit all budgets and needs.
Pentax: $75-$400. A decent series of digital cameras to suit almost anyone.
Casio: $80-350. A decent choice of digital cameras at some very reasonable prices, even for high end cameras.
Vivitar: $20-$120. A decent assortment of low priced compact digital cameras. Ideal if you don’t have much money.
General Electric: $60-$195. Not a huge choice (about 70), these cameras are mostly of the compact type.
Polaroid: $24-180. Like General Electric, not a very broad series, and of the compact type. If you’re low on cash though, there are some very low priced cameras.

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