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Backlink With Relevancy

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I’ve learned by trial and error how to increase my page rank within the major search engines.  Visitors who found your web page through a search engine tells you that the visitor came from organic traffic not artificial.  Let me explain in more detail for you.  Using artificial advertising techniques can’t hurt but most of the time using artificial advertising techniques does not help you target the audience you seek.  When a visitors finds your webpage while doing a search at a search engine, you know for sure that the visitor was searching for a specific topic/subject and found your webpage title and description to be exactly what they were searching for.  Receiving traffic from search engines also tells you your webpage is indexed and being indexed within the search engines gives you an advantage over your competition.

When someone decides to start to write online whether it be writing articles, blogs or creating websites, we all have to start with page one.  You choose a topic to write about, choose the best fitting keywords, write a page description that matches your content and keywords and then publish the article, blog or website.  I’ve learned over time to write about different aspects of an original article, blog or website creating a completely new URL and backlink each article, blog or website to each other.  Backlinking with relevancy help your webpages receive a higher page rank within the search engines.

Another way to backlink all your articles, blogs and websites is to backlink all your same topic articles to each other.  Again, let me explain in more detail for you.  I write articles at many different revenue sharing websites.  When I choose a topic to write about I’ll start writing about the topic at one revenue sharing website, then I’ll write about the same topic again creating new and original content at another revenue sharing website and then I’ll write about the same topic again creating new and original content at another revenue sharing website and I’ll continue to write about the same topic at all of the revenue sharing websites I belong to but I always create new and original content.  I then backlink all of my articles to each other because they speak about the same topic and they all have relevancy to each other.  Backlinking your articles to each other does help your articles get indexed to the search engines and the more relevant the backlinks are the better of a chance your article will receive a higher page rank within the search engines.  Backlinking with relevancy matters.

I started to write articles, blogs and create free websites in January 2009 and in the beginning I wrote hundreds of informative interesting articles but I was not receiving the traffic I desired.  One day an online friend explained to me the importance of backlinking with relevancy and I put to practice what he shared with me in October 2010.  I spent a week connecting all of my articles, blogs and websites that spoke about the same topic to each other.  I spent a week backlinking all of my work together.  It’s now December 2010 and I’ve noticed a huge increase to my Adsense, Chitika, Kontera and Infolink revenue.  I had hundreds of articles, blogs and websites to backlink.  Backlinking with relevancy works.

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I hope my learning experience helps you to increase your generated revenue online.  Enjoy and have a prosperous new year.


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