Tuesday, December 12

School Digital Signage Has Replaced Traditional Bulletin Boards

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Traditional bulletin boards have been replaced with the digital display monitors or panels in many cases, but the great thing about using digital signage is that there are a number of ways it can be put to use. You can keep your staff and students informed about upcoming events, lunch menus in the cafeteria or use the digital display monitors for an emergency communication option during bad weather or at times when you need other types of special information can be displayed.

Some schools will use interactive digital signage to feature an interactive honor roll for recognition of top students while others might use them as an interactive donor wall to acknowledge contributors that have made a difference with their generosity. There are so many uses for school digital signage that it is a matter of how you want to customize your software and the special display configurations to best serve your needs. There are many uses for touch screen interactive digital signs and they are easy to use, yet keep the attention of the students, staff or faculty. Even the LCD digital display panels and the LED tickers are great ways to get the information out to the students or the staff quickly.

Many schools have discovered that traditional bulletin boards and printed posters are quickly outdated and students don’t pay enough attention to them anyway, so the digital signage is a great alternative. There are some school districts that have incorporated video walls for instructional all-school assemblies, large class instruction videos and other uses, such as guest speaker webcasts or live video streaming. You might include morning announcements in the entry lobby on video walls or take advantage of the advanced digital technology, which can include the use of interactive touch technology digital signage for your student honor roll. Since there are many varieties of digital signage, there are a number of ways they can be used for student and faculty communication.

There are options of LCD panels that start at $1400 per unit but you have to consider there are a number of different uses for the digital signage that can be customized with software that makes it easy to use. This is a quite affordable signage and notification system option that not only gets your students and staff attention, but they are cost effective, when you consider the amount of paper, labor and time that can be saved by implementing these energy efficient signs into your school’s notification systems. Even those that employ LED ticker displays for messaging find that students are more attentive and the ease of communicating important information make digital signage an attractive display option.


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