Friday, December 15

Career Tip: Asking The Right Questions

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It has been said that questions are the lasers that will eliminate the barriers to your success. Consistent and purposeful asking of quality questions will enable you to breakthrough almost any obstacle or challenge confronting you. In fact, the only difference between highly successful people and the unsuccessful ones is essentially the type of questions they ask.

Businesses will either succeed or fail based on the quality of the questions their decision-makers ask. A problem only exists for as long as you do not know the question. For once you have asked the right question, the solution will present itself. During the early years of the invention of the car, hundreds of people thought about building them. It was however only Henry Ford who asked, “How can I mass-produce this machine and make it affordable for everyone?” This single quality question of his, gave him the quality answer he needed. And, the rest is history.


Our brain is a phenomenal machine. Even up to now, scientists are still discovering its immense power. Our ability, or rather our lack of ability, to tap on this power is a result of our inability to ask the right questions.

Our brain is programmed to always be ready to serve us. As such, no matter what question you pose it, it will always provide you with an answer. Therefore, if you ask an inferior question like “why do I always fail?” You will get unless answers like “because I am hopeless,” or “because I am not intelligent enough!” These answers do nothing other than to depress you further. However asking a quality question like “how can I learn and grow from this?” your mind will point you in the right direction and provide you with answers that you can use.

Thus, if you want to be successful, you must realize that the questions you ask will determine the answers you get. To succeed then, you must change the type of questions you habitually ask yourself.

What it is

Thinking is essentially the asking and answering of questions. All of us, over time, have unconsciously developed a series of habitual questions we ask ourselves whenever we encounter problems. As questions focus our minds to see problems as either opportunities or threats, these habitual questions affect our chances of success. Hence our success lies in us ‘installing’ a new series of empowering habitual questions.

How to do it

The types of questions we ask are essentially based on our mind-set. Thus, installing a new mind-set that will enable us to habitually ask quality questions is easy. All it takes is the conscious effort to learn and consistently ask the following series of three questions. Eventually overtime, these series of questions will become habitual and empower you to success.

Question 1: “What is good about this?”

Question 2: “What can I learn from this?”

Question 3: “How can I use this as an investment towards my success?”


One of the main ingredients of success is the openness to receive answers. Sometimes, when you ask a question, the answer may not be obvious or appear immediately. In this case, you must trust yourself and keep asking the questions. Eventually, the answer will appear. In addition, occasionally the answer presented may not be the solution. Similarly, you must continue to trust yourself and keep asking yourself questions. Eventually, the answer will present itself to you.

An interesting point to note, is that whether you consider something possible or impossible, is often determined by the question you ask. Therefore, instead of saying “I can never buy this multi-million dollar house”, ask yourself “how can I buy this multi-million dollar house?”


As all success in life is preceded by new quality questions, a new level of success in your life is as close as a question away. Remember, “ask and you shall receive!”


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