Tuesday, December 12

How to Start a Radio Station

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You can start a radio station even if you have no experience with the medium. You don’t even have know anything about equipment or how to broadcast. You can get all the information you need about it here.


  1. Get a license. Check Federal Communications Commission requirements. Application requirements include a completed FCC Form 605 along with a Proof of Passing Certificate issued by a Commercial Operator License Examination Manager (COLEM).

  2. Figure out what you want to do on your radio station. It can be as simple as playing oldies to playing the top hits, but you need a plan. You can also do a talk radio show but this can become expensive since you must have a person there all the time. You are better off sticking with the music because you may be able to get away with not having a DJ at all, thereby eliminating this expense.

  3. Pick out a name for your radio station. You want something catchy that will be remembered by people when they are looking for a channel to listen to. You can always use a letter with your frequency if you can’t think up anything that isn’t taken.

  4. Obtain the necessary equipment that you will need to run your radio station and install it so it can be used. You will need to find where you can get the equipment and the cost to be sure you have budgeted enough money for starting your radio station.

  5. Hire the DJs for your radio shows. Remember if you are stuck for money, you could play the music without a DJ. Continuous music is always a plus.

  6. Seek sponsors for your radio sponsors. Although advertising cuts down on your listening audience, it is necessary to keep a radio station afloat. Make sure you find advertising that can appeal to your listening public.

  7. Find a way to keep the listeners once you have them. You need to have some gimmicks that will keep listeners coming back. Things like contests where people can win prizes or money will keep them coming back. Also, people love quizzes, especially if they win something for their answer.

  8. Let people call in and request songs. This is a sure way to keep listeners, since everyone wants to hear their requested song. Assure them that the music will be played.



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