Monday, December 11

News You Can Reach Out And Touch

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News you can reach out and touch

Manila Bulletin has done it again!

They’ve pioneered what is probably one of the most daring move in the local scene for Newspapers, going 3D!!!

I’ve always read Manila Bulletin because unlike its counterparts, it’s not just a flash in the pan. News is delivered to you in the most direct manner without bowing down to anyone.

There is no censorship, it’s all news. Facts. Bam!

I wonder how many newsmen get death threats because of this paper.

The Classified Ads in this paper isn’t just an additional page, it’s also an essential part of this newspaper. You get to see real estate, cars, etcetera.

The entertainment page is not filled with gossip, in fact they have actual facts and a few blind items which are quite obviously pointing to the parties indicated.

And the Comics page! I won’t be able to list down everything I love about this rag. It’s just the definite best so far. Hands down, no competitor comes close. I spent a lot of childhood hours just pouring over those comic characters and trying to draw each one. I learned a lot about art because of Manila Bulletin.

And did I forget to mention they’re going 3D?


The next generation will be able to enjoy Manila Bulletin in the ways they recognize most. digitally.

Time to buy myself an iPad just so i can download this e-paper and enjoy its 3D goodness!


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