Monday, December 18

Christmas: The Latest Love of India

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Earlier whenever we talk about festival in India, It was about Holi, Deewali, Eid, Independence Day etc. But With the age of Television and Internet, Christmas has also got its place as; So many people have started celebrating it. 

India with its traditional base, festivals are always related with the religion but as many as students are going to public schools and the growing penetration of Television and Internet has increased its popularity, especially among young people.  Now, students organize special programs on Christmas and it connects students with this festival. Markets provide special discounts for the shoppers during this festival which double the joy.

What more is making it popular is vacation period in India. Earlier most board schools used to conduct mid-term Examination during these days but this year onwards, the largest board, Central Board of secondary Education (CBSE) affiliated schools are not conducting mid- term exams and students are going to get long holidays.

My school is also organizing a big bash on this day. We are expecting a good number of influenced people to join the bash. Students who are taking part in different programs are very happy and excited about the event. Hope this year brings new joy in lives of all the children all around the world. May! Santa brings joyous gifts for all poor people.


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