Monday, December 18

Oh Mcdonald's You're Making it Way Too Easy to Get Fat!

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Oh McDonald’s you’re making it way too easy to get fat!

I wonder if people even thought that the day would come when you can be in a fastfood restaurant without falling in line.

First came the drivethru and then delivery by calling, and now, we can order through our mobile phones! it seems like it’s getting easier and easier to get the food we want without having to put too much effort into it.

Oh my goodness! Mcdonalds is really making it way too easy to get fatter. Sooner or later we’ll all look like the people in that Wall-E film where everyone was obese and travelled around in hovering carts. It seems like the whole world is conspiring to achieve that image.

All you have to do is register through BPI

and voila!

you can now order your twister fries, your burgers, your soda and upsize them if you want with a few simple clicks on your mobile phone.

Guess, there’ll be a lot more supersized Filipinos because of this service!

merry Christmas everyone!

and please be advised not to eat too much or order too much unless you want to end up spending the next six months working all the fat off!

Happy holidays!


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