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Kenya Safari – How Fantastic The Photography

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On the television how many times, you thought how fantastic the photography and have you watched the National Geographic programmes and also you know about the animals which are close to end. How great it would be to see the flora and fauna and birdlife in their natural surroundings and not just in the zoo, I have often thinking about it. The best part about it is that it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg, well not unless you get too close to the lions that is well now you can do just that with a Kenya Safari.

Kenya safaris have the best photo opportunities and offer a lifetime experience that memories also will take pleasure in forever and every time when you watch to your album photos.  Also it has a rich and varied farming where they grow their own local products such as coffee, tea, rice and pineapple, and you will have the opportunity to try everything first hand. It is a magical blend of lush tropical jungle; desert, desolate, snow reached the tops of mountains and green forests. Kenya is in eastern Africa and a variety of contrasting landscapes absolutely stunning, with magnificent lakes, beaches of white coral sand and beautiful national parks, one of which, Meru National Park, was used in the film “Born Free “to free the lioness, Elsa, back in the wild.

You can choose between different types of safari in Kenya, depending on how you like to travel and where to stay. The bird life is also broad and may have a look at some of the rarest species of birds, while in his safari.

The wildlife in Kenya is among the most diverse in Africa and you can expect to see anything from lions, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, zebra, and giraffes to crocodiles, gazelles, ostrich, and buffaloes. The birdlife is also extensive and you may catch a glimpse of some of the rarest bird species whilst on your safari. You can choose from different types of Kenya safari depending on how you like to travel and where you like to stay. The accommodation ranges from simple camping tents to luxurious safari lodges and there are so many different types of safari to take advantage of like 4 wheel drive, railway, boat, trekking, horseback and even elephant safaris.

These are dissimilar tribes that are made up of a mixture of westernised and families a lot of the tribes nowadays. You will also have the opportunity to integrate with some of the local tribes and experience their culture and you can even join in with their tribal dances.


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