Monday, December 18

Need Targeted Leads? Discover The Pay Per Lead Advantage

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Businesses today are constantly facing the challenge of finding new business. While many organizations are doing great in generating qualified sales leads, there are those that struggle at driving high-income sales opportunities into their pipelines. This comes as no surprise given the economic condition we have at the moment.  
This is one of the reasons why a lot of business leaders have been exploring their marketing options to obtain high-quality sales leads. But, even with modern methods like social media, search engine and mobile marketing, there are still several companies that stick to telemarketing. Yes, the good old cold-calling technique. Does it still work? The answer is yes. However, for those who prefer telemarketing but don’t want to do it themselves, the solution is to buy leads. Fortunately, teleservices firms have come up with a variety of lead generation programs to help businesses plan and execute a strategy that suits their marketing needs perfectly.
One of the recent programs that has been making noise in the business-to-business circle is Pay Per Lead (PPL) or Pay Per Appointment (PPA), which is a lead generation payment model that enables organizations to purchase a guaranteed minimum number of qualified sales leads for a reasonable cost. The cost of leads depends on the industry, decision makers and the campaign’s level of difficulty.
Among the advantages of the Pay Per Lead model is its ability to let companies test and see if telemarketing is effective in growing their business. It also eliminates the need to spend excessive amounts of time and money on hiring, training and supervising in-house telemarketers. In addition, it enables business leaders to manage the leads they get in an organized manner. This is so because the number of sales leads is at a minimum, therefore, sales representatives are able to concentrate more on presentation, service/product customization and closing more revenue-generating deals. Unlike other lead generation programs that provide leads indiscriminately, you will not be burdened with so many prospects beyond what your salespeople can handle. Your sales team can pay close attention on each lead, and avoid wasting both their time and your provider’s.
Another good thing about the Pay Per Lead program is that the leads have been pre-qualified. This means that based on your criteria, the necessary inquiries have been made to ensure that the decision-maker who will be met by your sales representative has shown real interest in your service/product, has budget, and will purchase within a specific time frame. Your sales representatives don’t have to worry about being declined by their prospect or having their time wasted only to find out that the company does not have a legitimate need for your service or the capacity to buy.
If you have not tried telemarketing before or if your sales team is struggling to obtain sales leads, buying leads on a Pay Per Lead structure is a smart choice. You can determine quickly if this type of lead generation program fits your business model without depleting your marketing resources.


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