Tuesday, December 12

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 • Too cool  no warm-up phase, a sudden onset

The body has a routine that is followed to prepare. Therefore, heating is essential before each training session. Start using this period only lead to sudden muscle jerks and tears of the tendons, but also to terrorize the body. Even if there were still some gaps in their training, do not assume that you restart the same pace. Be sensible and gradually ease into it.

• Excess weight without sufficient experience

There are very zealous, competition, the boy stared at the framed poster in front of you monkeys. It probably took ages and there is no enthusiasm on the wall for you and not to fight you in direct competition. Be realistic in your goals to achieve and end with a milestone at a time. Chart your progress and reward their successes abundant.

• Not enough work importance of cardiovascular

Please feel important for building muscle, but we must also take into account enough aerobics. Apply the false belief that they have much to lose what they have worked in the first place. Any effort to build muscle, heart and lung efficiency and increased flexibility to work on different principles. And each of them required to be trained separately. A balanced program will give better long-term outcome and feel fitter and not just look fit.

• Too late  and around dinner

Life in the fast lane today leaves us with little time for us. But there are some who find their work and a couple of hours to spend on a high performance routine at the gym, even on the clock at 10.00. However, drawing close to bedtime makes recharge time, so that affect sleep quality.

• To control moving fairly quickly

Instead of pumping weights without thinking about the pace of a racehorse, if you think of muscle recovery (when recruitment during exercise), although with a bit of weight, you can work specifically to the muscle better use. The idea is to work with the muscle and the concentration is not the speed, control, no target swing.

• Too soon not less than 48 hours apart

A common mistake that people have is, in the same muscle or muscle group each day’s work, in fear that if they do not use it you will lose. This fear has no basis, because the muscles need time to repair, restore and growth takes place during the rest period, and not the training period. At least 48 hours between the last work of a particular muscle or group is required.

• Too sets for the same muscle or group

continuing work on the biceps or abs it is just a waste of time. A minimum of repetitions of 8 or 12 or 18 in two fifty eight types is all you need. Use the remaining time in a fruitful way of training on the treadmill or bike or work on improving your flexibility.

• to be confused with breathing

Remember, the director EX-EX, exhale or breathe in the effort, the recruitment of a muscle. Exhale as you complete the move.

• Too hot to cool down and stretch

Do not Walk Away without working always in the original length of the muscles to restore order. The easiest way? Stretching of course! And remember that strength training consists of bursts of energy, body heat. It becomes a very strong need for the body to homeostasis be completely the hard work they have put profit inches

• Too old  Diversity Program

Do not stay in the routine and go through the same exercises week after week. The body becomes accustomed to a certain routine and then the desired results. Instead, keep the body in the dark groping often change equipment (free weights instead of bar), substances (such as standing, sitting, sitting rather than lying). This requires a little ingenuity, but worth it in the long term. Variety of training keeps the body going and you will achieve amazing results in shortly


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