Thursday, December 14

Chocolate Fountains

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Chocolate Fondue Fountains were only used in fancy events or in the fanciest of restaurants.  But now you can have a wonderful Chocolate Fondue Fountain in your own home creating a wonderful aviance to any ocassion.

Adding a Chocolate Fountain to your dessert table creates a wonderful centerpiece that is sure to be the center of attention for all your guests.  They are easily put together creating a wonderful cascade of delicious chocolate just waiting for the dipping.  You just add chocolate melts and your chocolate machine will melt the chocolate into a cascading waterfall of Chocolate and when you are all done they come apart easily for cleaning and storage.

You can dip just about anything in your Chocolate Fondue Fountain, including strawberries or any type of cut of fruit, marshmallows and even pound cake.  Just let your imagination take the lead when choosing your dipping.  Cut the pieces so that they are easily picked up by a fruit fork or fondue fork.

Ann Cohen is a former caterer who loves the holidays and entertaining.  She loves gadget and anything that makes entertaining easier and loves to share her tips and tricks with you.  Feel free to browse her how to’s.



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