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What Can Cause My Urine to Be Blue?

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There are mainly two reasons why you would have blue urine.

  1. Foods that you have eaten

  2. Medications you have taken

The reason that certain medications and foods can change the color of urine is because they contain certain dyes. These are artificial coloring that is incorporated to make them appear blue and are flushed out through your kidneys. For example, the very little blue magic pill of Viagra (man’s best friend since its creation) is one of those medications that can as a side effect cause you to have blue urine.

These medications can cause blue urine in some cases as a side effect

  • Triamterene-a mild diuretic that can cause blue urine

  • Rinsapin-an antibiotic that has been used to treat staph infection. May cause green or blue urine

Basically any other medication that uses blue dye in the medication

The disease porphyria has been questioned in blue urination color. Porphyria is a combination of eight or more disorders that have various symptoms, they all share one symptom-they create the accumulation of porphyrins inside of the body. The word porphyria comes from the Greek word porphyrus meaning purple. You’re urine can actually turn purple with this disorder. The hue or tinge can be anywhere from red or purple in color. However, usually not blue. For some, the difference between red or purple and blue may be difficult to ascertain. Therefore, it’s understandable that some consider the wives tale of this disease turning the urine blue in color.


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