Thursday, December 14

New Mothers Have Turned to Facebook in a Flurry

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The new 21st century mommies are on Facebook before they were mommies so why would you expect them not to be back to their daily habits after the bundle of joy arrives.

Your family and friends may be awaiting that all excited call saying the bundle of joy has arrived but you won’t receive it. Check mommies Facebook page and be in the know! Check her profile page to get those first new photos and updates on where and when the baby did what. Just like everyone and everything else, having a baby is via the internet.

According to, in February 2010 alone 35.6 million females that had children in America were new members to Facebook. That represents 32 percent of the sites total United States total membership. The mommy statistics don’t end there. A recent survey by Lucid Marketing discovered 8 out of 10 mothers log on daily to Facebook and 3 out of 10 logon a minimum of five or more times per day.

The results of Momicillin’s, a popular Facebook group, recent poll told us that 75 percent of respondents to their recent polls, spent more than 1 hour per day logged into their Facebook accounts. Twenty-eight percent revealed to spending an astounding 5 hours per day online.

Facebook has a lot of moms spending a lot of their time online talking, discussing and bragging about their children. We used to do that in the park on a bench while watching the kids play, welcome to the 21st century.

Wonder whose watching baby while mommy is updating her page? 


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