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Cooking a Turkey For The Holidays And Other Helpful Hints

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Did I buy a big enough turkey for thanksgiving? Hopefully you’re not asking this question after your guest have arrived and dinner is done and ready to serve. This article is will provide some help for you in determining if you have enough turkey for your dinner.

Take an accurate as possible count of how many guests will be at dinner. If you have folks that don’t eat turkey or if you are having ham and turkey this number may vary. If you’re not sure if these guests will be having turkey, count these particle guests as half a guest.

Presume a minimum of one pound of turkey for each. If you have your half guest count, round up to the next number.

If you have decided not to buy a turkey but simply cooking the turkey breast, count half a pound of turkey per guest.

If you are planning to cook a pre-stuffed frozen bird, you should count guests as one and one fourth per pound of turkey.

Here are some other tips concerning your Thanksgiving turkey;

You can always freeze leftovers and make a casserole or other recipe later.

If purchasing your turkey frozen instead of fresh, make sure your turkey is completely thawed before cooking. Thaw turkey in your refrigerator. For example, if you have a 20 pound bird, starting thawing on Monday night or Tuesday morning in the fridge.

A great way to avoid basting turkey is to cook in your turkey in a Reynolds oven bag. Reynolds does make them for turkeys and you get a juicy bird with a wonderful browning cooking in the oven bag. Be sure and follow the instructions on the oven bag.

Cook your turkey slow on 325 degrees to assure even cooking and cooking all the way through. Don’t cook on a high temperature thinking it will get done faster. You will only get a dried out crispy and not very tasty bird

If you cook your stuffing separate from your turkey, you turkey will last long and will be easier to freeze. In addition, not everyone eating turkey wants stuffing so this is a great way to keep the taste of the bird and the taste of your stuffing separated.

If you plan to deep fry your turkey, make sure it is thawed completely and be very careful. The oil is especially hot and can cause serious burns. Make sure the fryer is away from the house, children and pets. It’s not a great idea to deep fry in the garage if it’s connected to your house. Each year there are hundreds of accidents concerning deep frying the Thanksgiving turkey that includes houses burning down.


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