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Choosing The Right Engagement Ring For Your Special Someone

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Choosing an engagement ring is more than likely one of the most important decisions you can ever make. You really want to consider various aspects that are comprised in arrive at a decision of this magnitude.  This article outlines some considerations that should be made before you put the diamond ring on her finger.

How much money can you afford to spend? Don’t consider what you want to spend but what can you reasonably spend? Be real-world. The engagement ring you select can be of any stone, not necessarily a diamond. You can choose any stone or ring setting that you think she may like. The old saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is just that, an old saying. It’s the twenty- first century and you and your fiancé are getting married to each other. Do what you feel is right for you both.

Does she like rubies, sapphires? What color are her eyes? Maybe getting something to match their color says more than a plain diamond. There are many precious gems and beautiful rings that aren’t necessarily diamonds. However, if you do choose to purchase a diamond that’s perfectly okay.

Diamonds come in various shapes. Some are more intricately cut than others while others are more simply cut. The diamonds that have more intricate shapes or cuts are more costly.  Keep this in mind when selecting a diamond for the setting. Diamond shapes of Princess or Pear will cost you more than shapes that are Emerald or Round.

What size diamond are you thinking of? You may be considering one the size of the moon but can you afford to add that to your budget? Weight is the measurement for diamonds. The weight is carats of a diamond. Consider this, a diamond cut Emerald shape may appear larger because of the cut, but be less expensive than a Pear cut diamond of the same size.

Clarity also affects a diamonds end price tag. Flaws and deficiencies in diamonds will make the stone less expensive because the clarity will be considered poorer. The higher the clarity or less flaws, the more you will be apt to pay.

Diamonds that have a slight color to them are also less expensive than clearer diamonds. Ask the jewelry about the diamonds color and where that places your diamond on your price scale. Color may not be important. Most of the people that will ooh and ah over the ring won’t be checking for the clarity of the diamond. However, you do want something that will shine.

Last but certainly not least, decide if the diamond will sit in a gold band or platinum band. What does your fiancé usually wear in her jewelry? Does she prefer one or the other? Do you? Don’t forget you will more than likely have matching bands. There are bands that combine both that are very attractive.

These are some points to consider when purchasing that ring of a lifetime that means you are asking someone to spend the rest of their lives with you. Consider carefully and don’t break the bank. You still have to put groceries on the table after the nuptials. 


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