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How to Quit Smoking And Stay Nicotine-Free By Being Fit

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Because smoking is a very addicting, it is very difficult to quit.  There are many of changes that will happen.  One of the activities that will help you get through the challenges of the quitting period is exercise.

Working out or going to the gym will give you a new set of routines to do.  If that can’t be possible, you must try waking up earlier than usual and going for a walk.  You may also turn that walk into a jug or a run and you may find it to be very energizing, which is the best way to start your day.

Remember that exercising does not only mean pumping iron.  If time does not permit you to go to the gym daily, it isn’t really much of a problem, because you may always do your workouts in the comfort of your home. Whether you opt to workout at home or at a gym, the key here is regularity and consistency.  It is not the starting part that’s difficult, it’s following a regular exercise program that becomes an obstacle for most individuals. Some people get a great start.  They will purchase gym wear, track suits, shoes, and several other gears, so their first gym session starts with a blast.  As the days pass, they find it more and more difficult to meet the demands and soon, their routine will slacken to eventually come to a halt.

One mistake that some people make is choosing to do exercises in the evenings; but if evening sessions fit your lifestyle, then it’s alright.  But a lot of people however, feel their lowest energy levels in the evening hours.  By the evening most people are drained, and just too exhausted for exercise.  Therefore, it is good to set aside some time for exercise in the morning.  Do this by waking up a half an hour (or earlier), put on your running shoes, and hit the road.  Most streets are also less crowded and less polluted in the morning, which makes it a terrific and soothing way to start the day.

Some find it effective to substitute coffee with tea as their main breakfast beverage.  While at home doing chores, try playing music.  You could also try to redecorate your room by adding a few items or modifying it by changing or rearranging the furniture.  When you redecorate, you should remove any thing and everything that reminds you of smoking.  Plan your day in such a way that you’ll be enjoying the end of your day.  Think of activities that would not require you to spend, or if ever, only at a minimal cost, so you don’t end up being bankrupt.  You may spend time with family, play games, or go for a walk with your loved one.  These are good activities that don’t need too much money but are valuable.  Watching television does not really fit into the list.  Because watching television does not demand a lot of your attention, you can easily be tempted to do something else while watching.

List down the things that cause you stress and make an effort to avoid them.  If that isn’t possible, then try to discover some ways to attack stress and use them.  In any case, never use stress as an excuse to light a cigarette and start smoking again. There are a lot of other ways that you can do to beat stress.  You could try doing some breathing exercises, meditation, or even listening music.  One excellent way to fight stress is by using the “stress ball.”  If you don’t have one, try wiggling your fingers and toes. This is also an effective and natural method of stress relief.


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