Thursday, December 14

Skin Care During Winter

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There are numerous ways you can do everyday to take good care of your skin.  You must also be aware that there are certain ways to care for your skin according to the season.  Seasonal skin care is very important because of the various conditions that happen to your skin as it reacts to different factors like the cold and hot weather.  The holiday seasons are among those crucial times when you wish to look your best.  It is also the time when your skin will need some extra attention. You need to be aware of the season and what you must do as part of your skin care regimen to ensure that you will continue to have healthy and beautiful skin even during wintertime.

Winter is one of the two major seasons when your skin would have to deal with the intense climate.  Because of the cold and merciless weather that comes with this season, winter can be one of the most severe times of year for your skin particularly for your face.  When you’ve just come from outside the house, do not use very warm water to wash your face because this will be very harsh on your facial skin.  Only use mild water for cleansing your face.

Water temperature is a very crucial aspect to do right during wintertime.  The washing temperature is not the only necessary thing.  It is also important to know the suitable amount of moisture our skin needs.  Remember that water freezes outdoors.  If you use a water-based moisturizer, your skin may feel those terrible effects once you go outdoors.  You need to use oil-based moisturizers instead.   If you have oily skin, consult your doctor regarding the different methods to treat and get the moisture that your skin needs.

When you are outdoors in the freezing air and wind you will notice that your face tend to become dry.  However, that is not your only cause for concern when you go outside during the winter holiday season.  You should also know that the sun plays an important role in skin health both during the summer and in the winter season as well.  Even though during winter, the sun does not warm the earth practically as much as it does in the other seasons.  You can also get sunburned in the winter if you stay outside too long without the right sun protection.  Find products that contain the right sunscreen protection to protect your skin from the damaging sunrays throughout the year especially in the summer and winter seasons.


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