Tuesday, December 12

Skype Down | Skype

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Skype Down – Millions of people worldwide use Skype to communicate, but it seems that these people are major problems accessing and using the service this morning. Skype has acknowledged the availability of matter and have also posted their tweets to your Twitter account. They simply say: “Some of you may have problems accessing Skype are studied, and we apologize for the debate.” Many people have access, but do not see any connection. There are many people who have been Tweeting and Tweeting Skype is down, and they want to see the problem solved.

Jajah allows you to call contacts around the world and even save up to 98% on your bill when you use your current phone. The system works on any phone, including landlines and mobile phones, and requires no additional software download. Jajah to provide white label and the outsourcing of telephone services in over 200 countries.

Solution if skype down:

QuteCom, formerly known as WengoPhone provides voice and video over IP. This is an open source project that requires some programming skills. Ideal for IT users tech savvy.

ooVoo you can video chat with up to six family members or friends at a time – the service is ideal for video conferencing for business as well. There are many reasonably priced plans to choose functions such as file sharing, audio and video, text chat, customer service priorities and more.

VoipBuster is a program that uses the latest technology to bring free and high quality voice communication. With VoipBuster you can call regular phones in various popular destinations for free or call at a very low to any other phone on the planet. You can also call all your friends online (PC to PC calls) as long as you want for free.

SightSpeed is an award-winning provider of Internet video chat and call friends and relatives, and video conferencing solutions for businesses. The service also includes a video e-mail, text chat, and more.

Vbuzzer offers everything from computer to phone calls, faxes and SMS, Web conferencing, video email and much more.

More about skype down http://www.pamil-visions.net/skype- down/221825/ or http://www.techjackal.net/internet/2010/12/22/why-is-skype- down/


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