Tuesday, December 12

Movies to Watch on Christmas

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While each person will have varied opinions and choices on their favorite Christmas movies, there are some classics that remain the popular to this day. There are some notable newer movies as well.

A Christmas Carol, based on the story written by Charles Dickens, has always been a classic both in animation and in live action cinematography. It is the story of old Ebenezer Scrooge whose sole aim in life is to amass wealth. Scrooge prioritizes making money above everything in life and cares about no one and nothing else, except making money alone. His reaction to Christmas is a grumpy and indifferent until he receives visits from different ghosts who try to call his attention the error of his beliefs. The lesson of the movie is about the significance of appreciating people in your life. You may choose from several films and theatrical adaptations made from this one story.

It’s A Wonderful Life, a 1946 all-time classic favorite is a story of despair, hope, and compassion. It recounts the story of a desperate businessman in the verge of self-destruction because he has lost hope and has gone to believe that he has lost his self worth. The twist happens when he met his guardian angel who showed him what life would be like without him. An extremely touching story good for the whole family, this should be a must-watch movie for everyone.

Home Alone is about a large and disorderly family with a bunch of kids who are going on Christmas vacation. In the pandemonium of departing on the morning of the trip, a child is left behind and faces the challenge of fending for himself in a very big house during the Christmas season. At the start he was very happy to be alone but later, when two thieves broke in and he had to defend himself and the house. The movie expresses the importance of family and loved ones.

A Charlie Brown Christmas is an animated movie made for television revolving around the characters of the well-known Peanuts comic strip. The movie’s main character is Charlie Brown and his experience with his friends during Christmas. It is highly recommended in its approach to the Christmas story using Biblical references that connects to the genuine meaning of Christmas.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one masterpiece of visual and fantasy story smorgasboard. The twisted themes were made with cleverly sewn together motifs of Halloween and Christmas. It is dark yet bright, cheerful and at the same time gloomy. It clearly spells modern entertainment in a seasonal aura.

The Nativity Story released in 2006 is closest to the Biblical account of the stories around the Christmas main event, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. It revolves around the story of Mary and Joseph. It even recounts some Biblical phrases which came to life in the film, helping a lot of people get a deeper understanding of the story of the Nativity. Unbiased and non-preachy, this movie is one that will stay in the annals of Christmas movie history.


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