Friday, December 15

Planning Your Ski Holiday- Tips For Booking Hot Restaurants

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When you arrive on your ski holiday, after a hard day travelling and having spent an hour in the rugby scrum/ ski hire shop, all you want to do is put your feet up in front of the log fire with a glass of wine.

It is at this point that the chalet manager will then hand you a menu for restaurants for an evening meal on their day off. However, during peak weeks at a ski resort, when all the staff for all ski companies have their staff night off on a Wednesday night, the restaurants get booked up very quickly.

Therefore it is a good idea to have a look at the menus given to your on your first night. The chalet host, having been in the resort for a while will perhaps have a good idea of which restaurants to choose from.

They may even be able to get you the best table in the house and perhaps a dance with the restaurant owner’s daughter, if you are very lucky!

So, once you have selected which restaurant you are interested in, you needn’t have to take the trip down their yourself, generally your resort manager can arrange everything for you.

Just make sure you remember the name of the restaurant and where it is as your chalet manager will not appreciate a call at 7.30 on their day off asking where their restaurant is!

Once your there, you can sit back and enjoy your fondu and another glass of wine!

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