Monday, December 18

Danielle Staub Gets New Show: What's Up With That?

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Take a look at this – it’s a clip of Danielle Staub’s new show on WealthTV. It looks like a raging trainwreck. This makes me wonder why any network would want this mess of a woman on their television network. After all, Danielle’s presence will be cheapening WealthTV – pun intended.

Realistically, I know why WealthTV is taking on Danielle Staub – she probably will bring in advertising revenue, especially for the little known network. But still! Rumor has it that the women of The Real Housewives of New Jersey threatened to leave the show if Danielle didn’t. Isn’t anyone worried that she’ll terrorize the show’s cast and crew until they quit? Or that people that didn’t like her on The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be so repulsed that they’ll stay away from the show and encourage others to do the same?

Does anyone feel bad for Danielle’s kids? It was an awful decision to let them be on television, especially in correlation with Danielle. The poor kids are probably going through so much unnecessary torment. Kids and adults are mean, and I bet these kids are getting teased beyond belief. The sad thing is, they seemed like cool kids. They don’t deserve this madness.

I really do hope Danielle finds peace and happiness. After all, everyone deserves that. However, her place should clearly not be on a television screen. She needs some therapy. And a dose of reality – she’s not a star, and as nice and sweet as her younger daughter is, she won’t be one either…not for singing, anyway.

Robin Leach was great at talking to and about rich people…I don’t think Danielle can do the same.


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