Thursday, December 14

Make Money With Youtube Adsense

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If you’re making money with your Youtube videos, then adding AdSense to them just seems like a dream come true. AdSense has made many people rich online, and draws people’s attention, so it’s the perfect addition to your Youtube videos.

If you don’t know about AdSense it works like this: there are little ads, either text and image related, that display near your videos or content. When someone clicks one of these ads, you get a percentage of the advertising revenue. Most ads clock in around $1 per click, but there are others (like the sought after “mesothelioma”) that earn around $100 per click (yes, for one click).

Unfortunately, I have to dash your dreams a tad. The Youtube AdSense program was killed in 2009. However, while this program has expired, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a makeshift version to still make the best of both Youtube and AdSense earning vehicles.

First, make your own web page. Next, visit your Youtube page and click the “Embed” button. This will generate a special HTML code to embed the video onto any website. Paste this code into your website HTML and you now have Youtube on your website.

Now, you just need to build traffic to make the AdSense money flow. There are two methods here to gain extra traffic: 1) build up the website by making backlinks and by marketing it from blogs and forums 2) exploit Youtube by making short Youtube videos that say, if someone goes to your website, they can get longer and better videos then what you are showing on Youtube. This will prompt people to visit your website, and will get those AdSense clicks going.

If you love making Youtube videos, this is a great way to make some extra money from your videos, without doing anything blackhat or sketchy.


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