Friday, December 15

Gift Card Exchange

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Have you ever received a gift card as a gift to a store you never shopped at?  Most of us have experience this at one time or another.  We appreciate the gift and the thought but what do you do when you receive a gift card you know you’ll never use?

Millions of store gift cards are sold each year and thousands of those gift cards never are used.  The merchants who sell the gift cards make a huge financial gain when gift cards are never used.  For instance, when you give a gift card to someone do you always know if the gift recipient has used it?  You purchased the gift card and the merchant received the payment of $25.00 and up but if the gift card is never used it’s like you gave the merchant money for no good reason.  The merchant receives the money but never had to sell a product.  Think about it for a moment.  Can you understand how the merchants can make a huge financial gain for selling gift cards which are simply pieces of plastic?

Instead of letting unused gift cards pile up in your junk draw until they expire, you can visit a website where you can either exchange or sell those unused gift cards before they expire.  Thousands of people do this everyday.  Gift card exchange or selling is a booming business especially in this current economy.

This is what you can do to find a legit gift card exchange website.  Do a search at one of the search engines such as google, yahoo or bing.  Do a search for gift card exchange, trade a gift card, exchange gift cards or sell gift cards and the search results will bring you to dozens of legit gift exchange websites where you can either exchange or sell your gift cards for money.  If you choose to sell you gift cards many gift card websites pay you with a check or to your PayPal account.

Another perk many gift card websites offer is you can purchase discounted gift cards to get more bang for you buck.  If your sure someone would enjoy a gift card to Stamples, Bed Bath & Beyond or Shop Rite then getting a gift card at a discount price saves you money while giving the perfect gift.


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