Wednesday, December 13

Share Your Personal or Business Profile to Multiple Social Networks Through One Page

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In the age of techology, social media, and networking, profiling continues to soar. One thing is certain, creating profile after profile is tiresome to most after awhile. offers online users the ability to create their personal or business profiles in one place to be share across multiple networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

About the Profile

After creating your account, a mini splash page is created for you. The splash page displays your bio, a tag headline, and your picture. You have the freedom to choose your own fonts, colors, and background.

About the Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to view more information about your visitors and what their interests are concerning you in the profile statistics, datastacks displays your social networking activity statistics, and the promote tab offers features to integrate your profile into your email signature.

About the Directory

The site also offers profile directory where others can search and connect with you through your profile. The Directory is separated into three different categories — spotlight, featured, and inspirational.  Users are able to view a thumbnail image of your profile page and can click on your hyperlinked name or business name to access your profile.


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