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Fitting E-Mail Into Your Marketing Strategy

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Including e-mail in your marketing mix isn’t as simple as transferring more traditional message formats into electronic formats or abandoning more expensive mediums in favor of e-mail delivery.Maximizing your business’ e-mail marketing potential involves two ongoing tasks:

  • Analyzing the strengths and limitations of each medium in your marketing mix.

  • Developing messages that work harmoniously across multiple mediumsto achieve your objectives

Determining which mediums are likely to work together to make a significant,positive impact on your business is a matter of some trial and error. At the same time, though, some mediums have obvious advantages for small businesses.

E-mail is one such example because it’s cost effective and because the returns on permission-based e-mail campaigns are generally outstanding.According to the Direct Marketing Association ( economic impact study released in October 2006, e-mail marketing returned $57.25 for every dollar spent in 2005. The study also found that print catalogs generated $7.09 and non–e-mail Internet marketing generated $22.52 for each dollar spent on those marketing mediums.

Combining e-mail with another medium can improve the returns on both mediums. The next sections explain the benefits of combining e-mail and other mediums together, and include tips for using various combinations.Sending commercial e-mail to complete strangers is illegal. To keep on the right side of the law, combine at least one other medium with  e-mail in order to initiate relationships with prospective customers.


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