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More About Global Sky

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Global Sky started back in 2004 and now have close to 150 employees. We aren’t thousands of seats for a reason-we simply turn away a lot of business and choose to operate on higher margins instead of volume.

We handle inbound and outbound calls for Fortune 500 companies as well as small & medium sized businesses. One of our clients is arguably the World’s #1 Auction company in the world, another is a top software maker. We do everything from handling mission critical data for a major laboratory in the US, 100% HIPPA Compliant (literally people’s lives are at stake) to copy writing work for a company in Australia.

What Does Global Sky Offer? 

  Excellent English – Our agents go through 30 days accent training where other centers don’t even offer this, or even top centers offer only 12 days of training. Samples or test calls available upon request.

High Quality Connections – We have direct phone line routes from Manila to LA on IPLC lines. Voice quality is so clear you’ll think we’re in the next room.

Excellent Grammar – We work with some of the best copy writers and editors in the country. You be the judge, you get to approve them before they work on any project requiring good writing skills. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Scalability – You save every time we invest in your growth.

Flexibility – We customize programs to suit your needs. You get to take control, select the agents you want to work on your account, do mock calls and approve them before they go live. I guarantee you 100% satisfaction. (Keep in mind that some new team members will go through accent training after they’ve been selected.)

Reliability – We are 100% debt free with healthy cash flow and profit margins. We aren’t the cheapest, but we’re as solid as a rock.

Improved Service Levels – We give you advanced software, charts & graphs and remote monitoring capabilities to conduct your own quality assurance if you wish. Be in the office with us even when you’re on the beach.

Local Agreements – We are a US Delaware corporation, all of our agreements are done according to US law. You won’t ever lose any sleep with us.


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