Sunday, December 17

Soccer is Fun!

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Soccer is a great game that requires massive skill. Unlike some sports, in soccer there is no room for flaws. A soccer player that wants to be good has to train hard every single day to polish their skill level. One must run everyday to get those legs moving, one must lift weights to get those muscles going and most of all one must realize that playing soccer is not just a sport, better yet…it becomes a way of life. Soccer players practice every single day of their lives, hours per day just fooling around with the ball and trying out new things. There are those who were naturally gifted in the game of soccer and then there are the players that just work hard every single day to reach their peak. That being said, there is one thing that will never change, and that is that no matter who it is and how good they are, without regular training one can’t compete at an acceptable level. This thought has turned into a ‘fact’ over the last couple of years. Such a star as Ronaldo, who simply couldn’t be stopped and was said to be the greatest this game has ever seen, one day just crumbled. Ronaldo tore his knee ligaments and was out for the season. Coming back after the summer, Ronaldo thought he was ready to play again, but sadly that wasn’t the case. Ronaldo stepped on the field for his Italian Serie A Club Inter, and kicked the ball instantaneously snapping the injured knee. Ronaldo has been out ever since that day and is planning another return soon. The fans hope that this time there will be no mistakes in judgement to return to such a high level of intensity and skill as the game of soccer demands. It is evident that soccer playersmust have high quality skills in order to compete.


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