Monday, December 18

Add To Your Daily Fibre Intake With Nutritious Smoothies

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Smoothie Maker Smoothies are a simple method of adding extra soluble and insoluble fibre to the diet. The blended fruit in a smoothie contains soluble fibre that is very good for helping to ward off those occasions when we snack on crisps and biscuits or must have a chocolate bar for the reason that we are on a ‘sugar low’.  This is as soluble fibre aids us to balance our blood sugar.  It is also really useful in assisting us to lower our bodies’ cholesterol levels.

Insoluble fibre is necessary for our long-term health as it can be of use to keep our digestive systems from grave diseases such as colon and bowel cancer.  In the short-term, it will be of use to avoid constipation, producing softer and bulkier stools and will assist in preventing haemorrhoids (piles).

It is universally agreed that between 20% and 30% of our regular fibre intake ought to be soluble fibre.  It is key to note that fibre soaks up water and you will have to increase your fluid intake accordingly if you think that you ought to step up your fibre consumption in response to the figures mentioned.

It is critical that if you believe that you ought to be upping your dietary fibre consumption, that you do it gradually so as to prevent feeling bloated and uncomfortable.  Try to add a little more fibre to your diet every few days until you have attained the appropriate intake, thus giving your body time to adjust.

It is also recommended that you do nottry to get too much added fibre from wheat bran (in wholemeal breads, pasta and so on), as the phytates that are in wheat bran ‘lock up’ minerals and make them unavailable to the body which can cause deficiencies of vital minerals for example, calcium which is so vital for our bones.  It is much better to get fibre from fruits and vegetables, other whole grains, nuts and seeds.

It is easy to blend a daily smoothie in a good home smoothie maker (for example the Blendtec Xpress) and because you know exactly the ingredients you have included in your smoothie, it is really easy to work out the quantity of fibre you have consumed in your goal to reach your ideal daily intake.


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