Monday, December 11

Beautiful Sea

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What is so attractive about Croatia? Well first of all, Croatia is greatly diversive country. There you have beautiful mountains like Dinara and Velebit with lots of endemic life forms and plants; rich lowlands with great golden wheat fields and wonderful cuisine for gastro nomads, and the Adriatic sea that is one of the cleanest and the most beautiful of them all. People over there are friendly and treat you like a king if you show just a little respect to their culture. Croatia is really wonderful if you want to spend time partying and going out. Many famous DJs known all over the world visit Croatia; and not only them, but also many of the famous actors like Kevin Costner or Angelina Jolie. Zrće is one of the most famous beaches for young people to party, second only to the great Ibiza. Parties here are wild and you can meet a great number of beautiful Croatian girls, who are considered to be one of the prettiest women in the Europe and world. Activities you can do on Croatian seaside varies. You can do extreme sports like bungee jumping, parachuting and more; or you can just swim or hike thru the land observating beautiful flora and fauna. Also, it is really cheap and cozy to stay, even for a longer terms. There is a little something for people interested in history. In Croatia you can find the traces of Greek, Roman, Celtic, Illyric and German presence. Towns like Pula offer the second biggest colliseum in the world, and in Split you can see wonderful Diocletian’s palace. Dubrovnik is the pearl of Croatian coast. Wonderful city is enlisted in UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage. Come and see for yourself. There is a little of something for anyone. 


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