Friday, December 15

Why We Should Always Value Ourselves Greater Than The Sum Of Our Circumstances

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What sort of circumstances are you in right now? Good or bad you should get down on your knees and thank God for them. Being grateful to God for the bad stuff is as important as thanking him for the good. We are who we are thanks to God’s creative skills, and God would not waste His time producing something that was anything less than remarkable. So you are remarkable. Forget about the superficial, but look deep within your heart and soul. How wonderful it all is. By letting that amazing sense of the grandness of God’s design, and feeling part of it, you suddenly sense the true worth of your life. It is beyond price.

If we forget sometimes that we are worth more than the sum of our circumstances, then our outward demeanour becomes infected by a kind of self-pity which is ugly and uninspiring. But if we allow that beauty to shine out from us, to fill us with joy, to inject our relationships with a spark, then all of God’s marvellous works become reflected in our faces. Nobody likes to be in the presence of someone who is joyless and always complaining. A good Christian spirit will go out of his way to help someone who needs help, but it is a thankless task helping someone who does not know how to help themselves.

Psalm 139 says, “I praise you (Lord) because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” These are not just the words of an earthly Adonis or supermodel, but the words that every man and woman can utter about themselves on any day. In the modern vernacular, we might replace fearfully with awesome. “Lord, how awesome you have made me!” We are so amazing that we literally can inspire fear of the one who made us. Science is only just beginning to unravel the mysteries of DNA, but is nowhere near understanding how such a complex and awesome system could have been designed in the first place.

So forget about your personal hangups. Stop criticising your appearance. Stop letting the superficial get in the way of you becoming an awesome weapon for Christ. People should only need to look at your face and they will know that you are filled with some kind of special power. By your actions, you can be the way they find out that they too have that same incredible force running through them.


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