Sunday, December 17

Christmas Decorating… in an Afternoon

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You haven’t a lot of time left to get your home feeling Christmasy… so what can you do

* Fill a pretty glass bowl with left-over Christmas ornaments and display where ever you have a bare spot in the room.

* Fill wine glasses with a Christmas ornament or two!

* Wrap small packages in festive paper and tuck into corners.

* Scented Christmas candles are nice but be sure that you don’t over-do it. Some scents (and I’m talking about the intense cinnamon scent, will just give you a headache.

* Tie festive ribbons around your dining room chairs.

*Use left-over ornaments to decorate the chandelier in your dining room.

* I have a big Santa box sitting on my coffee table and inside is every Christmas card that we have received in the last 34 years! People can’t help but  reach in for a handful of cares.

* My mother-in-law loved to decorate and one year she gathered up all the teddy bears that she would find and used them to decorate her tree. It really worked!!

* Try decorating the ceiling for the holidays. When I was growing up, this was a very popular addition to any room!

* Cut a few hundred paper snowflakes and then attach them to your window as if a blizzard just blew in… Okay, I was joking about the “few hundred”.

And the nice thing about the ideas listed above, is that they are easy enough to hand over for something else to do! You can simply sit back and over-see everything!


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