Monday, December 11

A Look at Wwe in 2010

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For 2010, the WWE really has had some moments that would be considered interesting to say the least.  The year has seen some new faces enter into the Main Event scene in the WWE and also the emergence of potential contenders for the future should they decide to move them forward to being contenders for either the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Miz is one that could be lasting a long time.  Remember, he started as a member of Tough Enough 4 with the WWE on TV.  He has moved on from being there to now the WWE Champion.  It almost seemed like he would be a guy that would have been the first Money in the Bank winner to lose.  The reason for that has more to do with the nature of him being from Cleveland, Ohio.  Given Cleveland’s history, it almost seemed too easy but it didn’t happen.  For him to continue, it would be dealing with the challenging of facing the top stars built like Cena and Orton.

Wade Barrett is another one that had a few WWE Title matches but has yet to be successful.  He came onto the scene with the NXT show and since that time, has made himself known to the public.  There was the feud with John Cena that could determine where he goes from that point forward.  As the leader of the Nexus, he had gotten all the members for the first season of NXT on TV weekly.  For 2011, it can be about fulfilling the goal of being the WWE Champion.  After TLC, it will be interesting on where Wade Barrett goes from that point forward.

Potential candidates on moving up the ranks could be someone like John Morrison.  He recently had been involved in the feud with Sheamus that started with him bullying Santino.  Since then, he had faced him and won the rubber match to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship.  With this match coming up with The Miz, it is an opportunity to find out if John Morrison is indeed ready to go into the top spot.

Daniel Bryan has had quite the year with the WWE.  He was on NXT and pretty much getting beat at every turn and had Michael Cole rip him down.  When he joined up with the other members of the first season, he was released on the count of choking out Justin Roberts.  He later returned and has actually gone further than anyone could have imagined at first.  He has become the United States Champion and down the road could become a potential challenger for the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship should they decide to keep both belts.

2010 has seen some changes but there are some potential Main Event wrestlers.  However, there is still some room to grow in the near future.


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