Monday, December 11

Don’t Think Night Vision Is Only An Ordinary Spy Device

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When night vision device is mentioned, picture which come to our mind are of spy, action movies and soldiers. There are many more uses of night vision devices. In fact they are tools for enhancing light and thermal imaging. They can make you see a subject with the warmth which is emitted or by the use of restricted light. It has the ability to enhance a shadowy range which lets you see the pictures and lights which would have been invisible to the naked human eye. Human eye is only able to see images which are restricted to a particular electromagnetic spectrum which the brain can interpret. Night vision devices use other sources of light which augments the images and allows you to find objects which also improves the detecting capability of the normal eye.

It is true that theoretically our human eye has the capacity to see the weaker light sources but the brain has its system sifting out the light and we are just able to see a limited level of photons. With the help of night vision devices we are able to view see all the different light colors in the object.

Most of us are familiar with the night vision goggles as the main night vision device. The goggles comes with an image enhancer which can convert weak lights close to the infrared spectrum to images which are visible and that enables our eyes to view objects which are almost 200 feet away even in complete darkness. This night vision device shows a green picture as the maximum sensitivity of our vision is close to the green series. Such device also use two varied technologies based on the night vision device you choose.

One of them is designed on image enhancement technology in which the night vision device allows you to view images by gathering small amounts of light which are unnoticeable and amplifies it so that the image is visible. The other one is by way of thermal imaging in which the heat produced by the object is utilized to translate into pictures.

Originally night vision devices were designed for military use to track down enemies in the dark but they have evolved and now have several different uses.

Lately night vision devices are being used for police detection work and for camping outdoor at night. Some other common uses of night vision devices include entertainment, hunting, hidden-object detection, navigation, law enforcement,   security, wildlife observation and surveillance.


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