Friday, December 15

Spreading Christmas Out All Year

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Christmas is a very special time of year all around the world.  It is a season of joy and filled with hope, excitement and anticipation.  It is a time of giving and sharing with others.  Love seems to bloom during the Christmas season and Christmas day our cup overflows with cheer.  Christmas for most of us is a happy holiday filled with cheer and sharing and togetherness.  What would happen if we spread all that love and togetherness, the cheer, the love and the hope all year, every day of the year?


If in our hearts we carried Christmas

everyday throughout the year,

we wouldn’t need a special holiday

to share and spread the cheer

and the message that is Christmas

would around the world shine clear.

We’d all know a lot more happiness

and real peace would appear

as we each keep on giving

and love our neighbor as our self,

showed genuine caring

and reached out with love to help,

if we really looked around us

and felt what others felt.

If we all stored up life’s goodness

and were to each more kind,

oh how sweet the blessings

in our life we’d find.

As we share God’s love and spirit

we’d find that life would be

much kinder when we’re not wrapped up

and tied up with all that “I” and “Me.”

Every day would be like Christmas,

good will and peace we’d find

when we share the Christmas spirit

and keep love in heart and mind.

Christmas wouldn’t be for just one day

and life would be filled with cheer

if we would share the love of Jesus

and spread Christmas out all year.


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