Monday, December 18

Make Optimal Use of The Mobile Phone

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The cell phones are a boon when handled properly and with discretion. They, of course, will turn out to be a bane, otherwise. Here are some useful tips.

  • The phone book is a useful tool. Instead of searching for numbers frequently, it is better to store the numbers of relatives and close friends. It is very important to store the correct number. If you have more than one contact with the same name, you can add a suitable suffix after the names to differentiate them. For example, you can add the suffix (Fr) for a friend and a suffix (plu) for a plumber. If you temporarily store numbers, you can delete these numbers provided they are no longer needed.

  • Service your mobiles at the authorized service centers. This will prevent you being overcharged.

  • Before handing over your phone for servicing, it is better to delete any confidential information which has been stored. This is particularly true with respect to photos.

  • Please keep your phone in the silent mode or switch it off when you are in religious places, conferences, educational institutions or hospitals.

  • Carefully read the instruction booklet after purchasing a mobile. This will help you to make optimal use of your phone when you learn about all the facilities available in your phone.

  • Before declining a wrong call, assure yourself of this fact.

  • Check the numbers entered for correctness before calling. Otherwise, you may be disturbing somebody unnecessarily.

  • Always keep a copy of the numbers in a diary or notebook.

  • When you are driving, pullover to the side of the road before attending the call. This move may actually save your life.

  • Make or receive calls in an efficient manner. Keep yourself to relevant matters. This will save time for you and others.

  • Late night calls are either free or having low calling charges. Use this facility to call people who go to bed late.

  • If you have kept the phone in the silent mode, don’t forget to look at the missed calls.

  • Don’t forget to look at the messages received. They may contain important and useful information. Useless messages may be deleted then and there.

  • When you are in a group, move away while attending the call.

  • When at home reduce the volume of your ringtone.


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