Saturday, December 16

Tour to Mangalore City And Beach

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The bus moved west Suresh saw that they were climbing a steep hill, leaving of coffee and cardamom plantations behind there. He could see scrubland ion other side of the road. His father reminded him that they had been traveling on the Deccan plateau but were now crossing the Shinadi ghat which is part of the Western Ghat.

As they moved on Suresh noticed that the vegetation also began o change. Soon there were huge trees around them and the road began to swerve and cure round the hills. The leafy branches of the trees provided a lot of shade. To the right of them they could see the hills grow higher and higher. As Suresh looked at these lofty trees his father told him that area was noted for its teak tree. Teak is a very voluble wood and is cared for by the forest Department.

His father showed him a teak tree with a long trunk and a tuft of large leave on top. Really, a very uninteresting tree for a boy like Suresh as one could not climb such a tree. Among the teak trees, there were also ebony, rosewood, cedar, bamboo and sandalwood trees growing wild but they were protected by the forest department. As the climb became steeper, the trees grew taller. The competition for sunlight made he branches on the sunlight side grow bigger. Some of the more gigantic trees are the gurjan, poon and Indian copal, which grow to a height of about 60 meters.  

Suddenly the road stopped going up and Suresh looked out of the window on his left. There he could see a beautiful valley with a mass of trees tops and far beyond that he saw a haze of blue. The bus stopped for some water again before it began its downward journey. Once again they went round and round the hills but this time the hills were on their right and on the left lay the valley. The road descended quite steeply. Soon Suresh spotted a little stream that grew larger as it moved down. The steep road showed him how high they had really bee. Since the Deccan plateau is also high the hills did not look so huge when they were climbing up. Soon the stream was far away and quite large now. Suresh later found out that he had been watching the beginning of the river Netravati. 

Now the bus had left the Ghats and was slowly descending to the plains by the coast.

Once again there were plantations of coffee on both sides. Later these changed to fields of paddy on the right and plantations of betel, pepper, areca nut and cardamom on the left. This in turn gave way to groves of cashew nut. They were back now on flat land! The road was higher than the area below where lots of paddy was growing. Soon they came to a huge bridge where the river crossed over from the left to the right of the road. There were rice fields as far as the eye could see and Suresh could make but cashew nut trees, with their distinctive –shaped leaves. The road slowly wound in out of the little villages until they reached Mangalore. 


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