Wednesday, December 13

“paid to Do” Websites

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Paid to do sites are nothing but,you will be paid for the simple works they have been listed, Probably this way of earning are better than earning from the PTC sites and HYIP’s

1.Article writing:
You will be prompted to write an article about some specific topic in specific number of lines,If you did it well and good, they will pay you, else they will reject your task. They are giving the tasks like this to submit the article belongs to you as they did,in the sites like Triond, Bukisa and generating their life time Income.

Some of the PTC sites are offering money to referring new members, so the members in the PTC sites will put some task to sign up to their downline.

This is the popular earning program in Business Process Outsourcing, They use to put some task with some audio,And you will earn money by transcribing (typing the audio speech). ads:
You will be provided with an URL containing ads from google or some other ad generators. You will earn money if u click the ads in the website.

5.Lot of web based works will be put in to the sites like this, and those who can make it,Will surely earn money from it.And there is a possibility of earning more than 200$ per month in a single site itself. Most of the tasks in this sites are targeted to the U.S users only but it is about 60% only other 40% are targeted globally.

Some of the genuine sites which I have found so far in the Internet are





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